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Free Label printing software.

YHPS LLC has been selling and converting decal paper and label stock since 1995.

One of our first label-stock creation was a deal paper for the ceramic industry that had to be used together with Windows 95 Hewlett Packard Plotter and special inks. This paper was developed by Mr. Hermundur Gudmundsson Sr. and was designed to apply liquid gold ceramic luster onto special decal using a HP pen plotter onto paper that would then be fired in a ceramic kiln onto porcelain, ceramic or even glass.

Even thought the process worked perfectly it was commercially doomed from the beginning. The complication of using Corel Draw for the novice computer users together with the unstable operating system at the time not to mention steps that had to be take to print out vector graphics via serial cable onto even older hardware (the HP plotter) was difficult process at best.

This however made us realize that even thought we had a good paper product people might be unable to use it do to lack of specific software.

As we became more involved in selling label stock to scale artist and small production companies we often received the questions over the phone "How can I space my labels evenly over the whole page" Through the years some software such as Microsoft Word and Publisher and other graphic software made this possible. But still none of these software actually allowed the user to make just few labels and/or take full control of spacing and editing of individual labels. Another complain we often heard was how expensive some of the commercial software was. Even though we were manufacturer of the label stock we created our first software a simple Label Spacing and Label Printing Utility as we called it then. This then later lead to the creation of the Papilio Label Manager Version 1.0

Now in 2010 we have changed the name to Papilio Label Helper and

The current version January, 2012 is 5.0 and YES it is still 100% free.

We have added a lot of new features such as....

Zoom to label for better control and layout
Better printing by using PDF file creation
Vector Templates
Improved Text editing and Font View
Box Folding
Image Manipulation
Adding Color to barcodes
More Label Templates
Outline printing with shadow for un-cut stock
Automated update to keep you software trouble free
This function is used to print onto out new precut label stock. See images here.

Ability to create simple snap together boxes. Small boxes for items such as hare care products, gourmet food , small parts and such.